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SQL 101: Two places to start troubleshooting

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Getting started Someone calls you at 1 AM on Saturday and says, "Is there an issue with SQL?" First, breath and take a look at your logs. This post is about two places you can take a look to see if there's an issue, quick, so you can get back to sleep. Especially when I was [...]

SQL Saturday Nashville #698

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Why pick my session? Hi, I'm Arthur Daniels. I'm presenting Reading Execution Plans Successfully at SQL Saturday Nashville. If you're considering attending my session, I'd really like to see you there! I deal with execution plans daily. They can be really gnarly, and it takes a lot of time to work through the larger execution plans. I [...]

Using Live Query Statistics on older SQL Servers

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First, thanks to everyone who attended my session at SQL Saturday #634 Iowa City! I spoke about execution plans and how to begin reading them. Here's a link to my session. I had an attendee come up afterwards who mentioned that Live Query Statistics could be used with the newest version of Management Studio to watch [...]

Setting up your own (free) local SQL Server for testing

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This post is designed for anyone who wants instructions on creating a SQL Server instance on any computer you'd like. At the time of writing this post, none of these steps cost any money, just some of your time and disk space on your computer. You'll need: A free Microsoft account Access to the Internet Disk [...]